"I'm committed to guiding people suffering from rosacea towards symptom reduction and the embrace of healthier and radiant skin."

Faissal Ghanem
co-founder of Marvesol

Defeating Rosacea with Marvesol®

Faissal Ghanem, the co-founder of Marvesol®, suffered from rosacea. For 12 years, Faissal tried various cosmetic products on the market, medical prescriptions, and online recommendations—all to no avail. Faissal is originally from the Mediterranean, and thanks to his family, he uncovered an old remedy used for many generations to fight rosacea symptoms. Faissal decided to try applying these ingredients, and finally, after 12 years, he saw results.

Excited that something had finally worked for him, he realized he could help other people with rosacea eliminate their symptoms and improve their lives. He teamed up with a distinguished laboratory chemist Dr.Hayel Said PhD. and developed Marvesol®. It took a year and a half of hard work, numerous experiments, and many batches of test products to finally turn the old natural blend of botanical ingredients and essential oils into an effective cream.