The Story Behind the Creation of "Rosacea After Care" - Marvesol®

After suffering from Rosacea for more than twelve years, I had exhausted multiple cosmetic products on the market, medical prescriptions, and online recommendations – to no avail. Even my physician and dermatologist told me I would have to live with the constant redness and inflammation of my skin for the rest of my life. 

All out of options, I went back to some old documents that had been passed down through many generations in our family. To my surprise, on several pages, there lay detailed remedies for different skin problems.

After testing what was labeled in those documents as “Rosacea, redness and blemishes remedy” on myself first and then on several people, the results were extraordinary. 

From here came the idea of helping other people who were suffering from Rosacea. 

With before and after images in hand, I contacted a distinguished Chemist with a PHD degree to turn the old natural remedy into a Rosacea cream. It took a year and a half of hard work, numerous experiments and batches of test products to finally turn the old natural blend of botanical ingredients and essential oils into an effective cream.

The feedback we have received from the people who have tested our product has been amazing. We received messages and pictures about how their skin has improved considerably. 

Invigorated by our success, our chemist continued formulating new products based on the other old remedies that we uncovered – ranging from “Acne Remedy” to “Anti-Aging”, “Eczema”, and many other formulas. 

DISTINGUÉ® LLC. launched our first product “Marvesol® Rosacea After Care” cream and is in the process of launching other products in the market soon.




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