The Story Behind the Creation of "Rosacea After Care" - Marvesol®

Faissal Ghanem is the co-founder of Distingue LLC; a manufacturing company for transformative Cosmetic skincare brand, Marvesol®.

The entrepreneurial path is not for the faint of heart, but for those willing to take the leap, it can lead to immense rewards.
My journey to start ‘Marvesol® began unexpectedly and almost accidentally. After working in the insurance and financial service for more than 25 years, I shifted to skincare after more than 12 years of suffering from Rosacea.
For more than a decade, I suffered from constant redness and inflammation of my face, and not a single treatment was effective in reducing it. Doctors and dermatologists instilled within me the belief that my condition was incurable and something to ‘live with’ forever.
After finally giving up medications and creams that failed to treat rosacea, I sought out traditional medicine from my own Mediterranean culture. Finding ancient notes of herbal remedies that had been passed down through my family’s generations changed the trajectory of my life.
Despite my skepticism, I was willing to try anything. Within a month, my condition once deemed ‘incurable’ became significantly reduced and with sustained use, I was rosacea free for the first time in a decade.
Discovering an effective solution for Rosacea became the turning point of my career; invigorating me to transform the lives of people in similar situations. With the help of a Ph.D. Chemist, we transformed the ancient remedy of botanical ingredients and essential oils into an effective cream that combats rosacea effectively.
Having my confidence so deeply affected by rosacea inspired me to create great change for those suffering. The overwhelmingly positive response has since motivated us to formulate more products for other skin concerns. Without my first-hand experience, I wouldn’t be privileged to, now, help transform the skin of so many people.
Creating Marvesol® has taught me that believing in your vision is imperative to creating a business that succeeds. I would advise any new entrepreneur to let your mission guide your business decisions. Stay laser-focused on delivering value to a specific audience rather than trying to please everybody. Above all, stay inspired by the change you want to create in the world. If your mission is strong and the market opportunity is real, you have a fighting chance to build something special.

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